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          Indigenous Self-Determination
          and Equity in Diabetes on June 23

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          Our vision is high-quality and sustainable health re for all.

          We provide system-wide leadership through collaboration with patients, regivers, the public and those working within the health re system in a relentless pursuit of quality.

          Learn More About Our Work

          Our Latest Updates & Initiatives

          Read the BC Emergency Department Sepsis Guidelines - 2022 Update

          Includes the guidelines, an algorithm and a comparison document!

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          Learning Together Knowledge Summaries

          Emergency shelters, substance use centres and partners shared their knowledge through the Learning Together program. Find practices to use in your organization!

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          Mark Your lendars

          Milestones & Registration Deadlines

          Upcoming Events

          See All Upcoming Events

          See All Upcoming Events

          Spotlight on Our Resources

          We are improving the quality of health re in BC one resource at a time. Find the one you need, from improving workplace culture to re guidelines and teaching others about quality improvement.

          quality forum 2020

          Quality Forum

          The Quality Forum is our annual conference featuring deep-dive sessions,?presentations, and interactive workshops on a variety of topics related to improving quality across the continuum of re.

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          Long-Term re

          Access resources about improving the quality and safety of individuals living in LTC with resources on topics ranging from preparation to the presence of essential re partners.

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          New on Our Blog

          Celebrating “What Matters to You?” Day With the Providence Health re Renal Team

          This is a guest post from Providence Health re, written by Jenika Hamilton. On June 9, countries around the world […]

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          Humanizing Health re, One Question at a Time

          International “What Matters to You?” Day is celebrated on June 9th, but it’s a concept and question that has the […]

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          Don't miss the Team Up! webinar on June 16 featuring the Chickadee Maternity Collective! Learn how physicians & midwives, South Peace Division of Family Practice and @Northern_Health worked together to meet a need for maternity re in @citydawsoncreek. https://teambasedrebc.ca/event/team-up-june-16-2022-webinar/